Shree Jata Shankar Choudhary, IASDeputy Commissioner & District Magistrate, Simdega

Simdega Tourism

The district Simdega has tremendous potential for development of tourism. Its scenic beauty, landscapes full of greenery coupled with very pleasant climate can attract both domestic as well as foreign tourists. Ram Rekhadham, Dangadi, Kelaghat, Ketungadham, Bandurga, Birugarh, Rajadera, Bhanwarpahar etc. are the main places of interest but needs to be developed by means of necessary infrastructure and service centres.

Simdega District is situated in the southwestern part of the state of Jharkhand. As far as its border is concerned it is surrounded by Gumla district in the North, Ranchi and West Singhbhum in the east, Jashpur district of Chattisgarh in the west and district Sundargrah of Orissa in the South. The district is situated between 200 10 min. to 200 40 min. North latitude and 840 0 min. to 840 34 min. East longitude.

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